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  • Dog coats come in Gore-Tex, too
    While fleece and wool are the most popular fabrics for warm winter dog coats, materials to keep your pet warm have gone high-tech. Dog coats are now made of rugged materials like Gore-Tex that people also use for hiking and other outdoor recreation. Think about fabric for dog coats like you when choosing outerwear for yourself. You wear warm coats when it's cold and waterproof/windproof coats when it's wet, and windy weather. Dog coats come in the same styles and varieties. You can get a custom slicker for your dog that is made of waterproof nylon/polyester blend and even come with adjustable hoods. Just put your dog's front paws through the arm holes of the dog coat and strap it around underneath for full, 100 percent waterproof protection from the elements. For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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