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  • Exercise For "Elderly" Dogs
    Since your dog is a "senior citizen," he/she will need less exercise.  The rule of thumb is the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan, so while a tiny ten-year old Chihuahua is still very active, a ten-year old Shepherd would require a lot less exercise.  Your dog will tell you if he needs less exercise; he won't be as interested in walks and chasing Frisbees as he was as a younger dog.  Take your cue from your dog; if he isn't as interested in exercise has he used to be, don't force him! However, it is very important that elderly dogs have at least some exercise; this will prolong their lives and prevent many health problems.  Just like people, an elderly dog should get as much exercise as he wants and is capable of.  Don't force him past his limits.  If you have questions about your senior canine citizen's fitness, your veterinarian can answer these questions for you.For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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