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  • Hunting Dogs
    Back before the time of supermarkets and modern day restaurants, if you wanted to eat duck, or game animal, you had to hunt for it. Some industrious hunter figured out long ago that dogs were better at retrieving, flushing, and scent hunting than humans. There are several types of hunting dogs. Gun dogs point out the prey and will retrieve it on command. Prey capturing dogs will actively seek out and capture prey with minimal direction from their human counterparts. Some hunters prefer a 'turn-key' dog, which is one who is already trained, and well disciplined. If you want to train your own field dog, the key is to start early. You want to teach your dog early on how to apply proper bite strength to avoid bruising the kill. A young dog should also learn how to distinguish directional whistle calls. For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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