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  • Q&A: Puppy Chewing Problems
    Q: How should my brother and sister-in-law teach their new beagle not to chew on them? A: This is a very normal situation with almost all puppies, in part because they are used to chewing and nipping at other puppies in their litter as they determine which one is "top dog" in the group. Your brother and sister-in-law need to begin immediately to teach their puppy not to chew and nip on people, but to chew on their own toys. This means stopping the puppy from chewing on improper objects and people, giving the pup its own toy and praising the pup for chewing its own toys. They must be consistent in correcting the pup, but this can be done positively not as punishment. Please check the chewing and biting tips in my Puppies/Training tip category for several different approaches to teaching "no bite." Different training philosophies lead to different solutions. For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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