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DelightfullyDog.com is pleased to offer a wide assortment of ground floor advertising opportunities to deliver your message to a qualified audience of individuals and families looking for pet and dog related information.

From banners to sponsorships, promotions to directory links, DelightfullyDog.com will work with you to create the best advertising program for your specific needs.

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  • Mixed Breed Dogs
    If you have done your research to carefully select a dog that's right for you and discover several breeds fit your lifestyle, it can never be a bad idea to get a mixed breed from a shelter.   Many times mixed breeds are free from the health issues that plague their purebred counterparts in closed breeding circles. In fact, the so-called 'designer dogs' such as the Cockapoo, ChiWeenie, etc. are basically mixed breeds!  Two purebred parents of different breeds still produce a mixed breed puppy despite the fancy marketing term and added purchase price. If you're getting a mixed breed from a shelter, you have the added advantage that many of these dogs have had basic canine obedience and socialization. Unless you are getting a puppy, you also will be privy to information about the dog's personality, particular likes and dislikes. Your adoption fee will also be much less than the cost of buying a purebred puppy from a breeder. And the best part is that you'll be giving a canine a new home.For more Dog tips, visit http://Dog.lifetips.com

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