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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

I consider myself blessed to live in a very pet friendly community, with many great dog parks. Most beautiful weekends are spent with one or both dogs having a fun time and running off some pent up energy at their favorite park. Bella has always struggled with a fair amount of anxiety, but she can usually overcome it at the dog park if one of us is relatively close by. Not today. Today will go down in my mind as possibly the worst day at the dog park ever.. my poor Bella was terrified and miserable the entire time, the second we got in the gate all the way up until we got back home.


Anyone that has spent any time at a dog park knows that you will occasionally run into a less than well behaved dog. There was one of those dogs today (although it arrived AFTER Bella was already terrified) This dogs owner was holding the dog on a leash (at least he did that much right!) When Bella and I walked even remotely close by the man said to me "Be careful, he will attack!" I was completely dumbfounded.. while the obvious reaction would be 'So why is he at the dog park?!' I was already more than a little concerned about my Bella so unfortunately I was unable to find those words, until well later when him and I were both long gone from that moment.


Another dog that arrived AFTER Bella was already terrified was a Saint Bernard, now most Saint Bernards are about equal to 6 or 7 Bella's.. unfortunately for this Saint Bernard he was only equal to about 3 or 4 Bella's. This poor dog appeared to be at least 50 pounds under weight, and a good portion of his ribs were clearly visible.. and by far the most disturbing was that he had very little to no hair on the lower half of his body, including most of his back and his entire tail. Obviously he had some medical problems, and if I had to guess was not being adequately cared for by his owners either. I did talk to them, asked them if he was okay, their answer.. 'He's just old.' One of my dogs is old, she can't hear well or see well, and certainly doesn't move very fast.. but she is not skinny and she definitely has every ounce of  her hair and then some. I try to not be judgmental, but both of these dogs were more than a little disturbing to me and I find myself struggling to get the thought of them out of my mind. I still had no idea what happened, why Bella was so upset when she has been fine many dozens of times before. I found myself wondering if possibly a storm was coming in that I was unaware of, but not a cloud in the sky and an absolutely beautiful 77 degree day.


Well she made it very clear to me she was ready to go home and I leashed her up and we were on our way, I couldn't bear to see her miserable any longer. Happened to check the weather report when we arrived home.. I was stunned - Tornado watch until 9 pm. I can only assume that my Bella sensed the bad weather moving in and wanted to be home where it was safe. Well, she is now.. curled up next to me and definitely much happier.


Maybe next weekend will include an enjoyable trip to the dog park! We can hope. :)

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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a guest , April 11, 2011

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