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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

Every once in a while I will read an article that I truly wish with every fiber of my being that I had not read. I had this experience last night. Below is the article..


For those of you, like me, who might be better off not knowing everything in this article, here is just the title .. it is really more than enough information in itself.

SPCA investigates slaughter of 100 Whistler sled dogs

I think that pretty much sums it up, and for me that should have been my first clue to not continue reading, but I did. Now I will not share some of the most disturbing aspects of this article, as it literally gave me nightmares last night and has left me shaken and disheartened today.

I feel concern, anger, fear, confusion, frustration, and the list goes on.. it is hard to compile into any logical sense.
Basically the employee was told to kill 100 dogs, 1/3 of the companies pack, because of an economical slow down. How these dogs were killed I will not go into, however it happened over a 2 day time frame. Many months later the employee then filed a workmens comp claim for post traumatic stress disorder and was approved! So let me get this straight, some greedy CEO sent orders to massacre 100 dogs, the employee (who previous to this claims to have cared for the dogs!) says 'sure, if thats my job I will go and murder 100 innocent animals!' Spends the next 2 days doing it,  then later wants to collect more money for committing a deplorable crime.. is there a limit to the number of ways this is wrong?

I am only one of the many hundreds of thousands of people who are dismayed at the lack of compassion for these animals, why were they not adopted out? Could there not have been any number of other options, other than to slaughter them the way they did?!

I have to wonder what the world we live in is coming to when this kind of thing can happen. Just last week in South Carolina a women hung her dog from a tree for chewing on her bible. If someone is capable of that level of violence towards a dog over something so trivial, then ask yourself how long until she kills something or someone else. Just a thought, but maybe if she had possibly read said bible she would know better than to kill a dog over it?! Just an idea.

Once again, I don't know the answers.. I can only hope for MUCH stiffer penalties for animal abuse (ie. animal massacre), and we are making strides in this area but unfortunately not fast enough, and certainly not fast enough for those 100 sled dogs. And not fast enough for the dog who was hung from a tree over chewing on a bible. All I can hope is that justice will come for these animals, and that those who committed these crimes are unable to ever do so again!



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