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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

Anyone with dogs has at one point or another had a dog that just seemed to get into trouble, whether they intended to or not. As long as no one is hurt these ordeals tend to turn into funny stories. Bella, my sweet girl, is definitely one of these rambunctious dogs that seems to bring trouble with her everywhere she goes. Luckily this incident was injury free, for the most part. :)

Earlier this afternoon I was sitting on the couch, head down intently focused on my phone and catching up with what was going on in the twitterverse. Bella was on the back of the couch, right behind my head, and looking out the window. Having been in this same position with her a thousand times and its always been perfectly safe for both her and I, obviously I did not forsee the impending danger that was ready to unfold.

Reading some random tweet, suddenly I heard a loud screeching bark from bella and she jumped off the couch at full speed right over my head. Right behind her was the blinds from the window which came flying off the wall due to the cord being wrapped around her as she jumped. Said blinds hit me in the back of the head, hit the table lamp beside me and sent the lamp flying to the floor.

By this time Bella is halfway across the room with the window blinds still in tow, tangled on her so she couldn't possibly escape. She darted underneath the dining room table hoping to lose this odd 'creature' that was chasing her, well all that succeeded in doing was knocking over one of the dining room chairs which promptly landed on the blinds.

Bella was now pinned in the corner, still wrapped in the cord from the blinds, blinds stuck under the chair. I was calling for her to stop and let me help her get unstuck. Obviously at some point during this entire ordeal my husband, B. heard the commotion and came running, he was able to untangle Bella so she could free herself of the blinds and he then proceeding to hang the blinds back up in their rightful spot.

I was still rubbing the knot on my head that the blinds falling off the wall at breakneck speeds had caused. My first reaction was to be angry at Bella, but that lasted all of about 1 second when I realized that the cord wrapped around her could have caused her serious injury. Then my only concern was consoling her and making sure she was okay, needless to say the entire thing left her a bit shaken and spooked, as was I. Luckily we were all injury free, aside from the minor bump on my head.

Now that its all over and we are all okay, we are able to laugh at the entire episode.(It certainly could have made for a funny video!) We are however the proud new owners of cord keepers, so my dear boo cannot inadvertently attempt to strangle herself again.

Just when we think we've seen it all, our charming little furry companions can get into mischief and find danger in things that we don't normally think of as dangerous. 

If you have mischevious dogs and blinds with cords, invest in some cord keepers.. I would hate to see it not end up so well for others!

Puppy cuddles to all your FURkids ~ Mysti

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