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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day

It's no big secret that I am all about adopting animals, every dog I've had has been rescued or adopted. Breeder? Pet store? What are those? :)

When it comes time for us to add a new pet to our home, the adoptions is the first and only place we go. Why am I so passionate about adoption? Well, its quite simple really. Pets are often the most loving, dedicated friends we can have in our lifetime. They do this without wanting anything in return but to be loved, such a simple request they have from us.. and I believe that is the very least we can do for them in return for all they do for us. So many thousands of loving kind animals wait daily for their furever homes, hoping each day that this day will be the day their new people find them. Everytime a puppy is bought in a pet store, that is one more homeless dog that has to wait yet another day hoping to find its new home.. and sadly all too often they run out of days before they find their furever home. If all I can adopt is one dog, that is one less dog waiting. "But I want a purebred dog" some say.. have you looked at rescues and shelters? I think you would be suprised how many do have purebred dogs. Thousands of breed specific rescues are in place these days.

Next time you want to add a pet to your household, please take a look at adoption before shopping for a pet. Let's all support the rescues, not the puppy mills.


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As a pet sitter and dog mom, I certainly know both sides of this problem. As a mom, it is enjoyable to "get away" and just relax and not have to responsible for anyone but ourselves. This is the ultimate selfish pleasure, which we don't often give in to. But a respite is needed to recharge us to be better pet parents and to appreciate our little ones when we return. As a pet sitter, I love being able to spoil your pets when you go away...I love taking their pics and sending you love notes to reassure you that they are being well cared for and are completely happy for you to be having some fun too!

Of course some pets do not like traveling...just like some people. They would rather be home...and comfy! Others are more adventurous and appreciate a trip to your "vacation house" with big fields to run in and streams to sip from. You know your pets best...and you will make the best decision for you both! Hopefully, you feel that it is nice to have options like pet- sitters smilies/smiley.gif
PAWSTOPLAYINC , April 05, 2011

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