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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

This is Luke.  Luke is a rescue dog, as his family abandoned him when he was no longer convenient for them. Luke isn't perfect, he has his own issues and baggage (as do we all!). I was there that day when they gave up on him, and I drove Luke to his first foster home. Two days later I drove Luke to stay in a temporary kennel until another foster home could be located. Two days after that I drove Luke to his second foster home. A few weeks after that I drove Luke to a boarding facility. A week after that... well you get the idea. Luke has been moved around 6 times in less than 6 months. How did I end up fostering Luke? Its simple. I just could not bear to see him get moved around from place to place any longer. Luke has been abandoned, dumped, rejected.. and rejected again. What has this dog done to deserve this? Absolutely nothing. Luke is a sweet, friendly, loving, although confused, little boy.

Luke has been with me for just over 2 months now. I have seen him make tremendous progress and learn more and more every day that he can trust people. Is he perfect? No. Neither are any of us, or any other rescue dog. We all have our issues. None of us, human or animal, is perfect or ever will be perfect. 

I thought this story had come to a happy end when a wonderful family wanted to adopt Luke, after many conversations and a home visit with him they fell in love. Finally someone that loved this little boy for who he is. A furever home for little Luke, he deserved it. I said my goodbyes and off he went to his furever home. I was happy and relieved that this boys very difficult journey had finally taken the turn we were waiting for, stability and love for the rest of his days... Two days later I got the call, the call I have dreaded for over a year and a half (since I started fostering), the call that one of my fosters was coming back. See I take furever placements very seriously, it is my responsibility to ensure these animals don't spend their lives getting moved around, it is my responsibility to ensure these animals never have to spend another day alone and unloved. And to add insult to injury, it was Luke that was coming back to me. Luke was rejected once again.

So what did Luke do to get sent back to me? Nothing. The other animals in his new home had not adapted to his presence yet.. in 2 whole days. What human or animal on the planet can adapt to a major life change in just 2 days?

My heart aches for Luke. He was so very happy to see me again which reassures me, yet he should not have to go through this again. For right now this is Lukes home, as long as he needs it to be. I love Luke, just as I love my own dogs, and I will protect and comfort Luke as long as I must until his furever home is found. My heart still breaks for him, for the journey he has led, for the rejection he has endured. I have tried to express just how much my heart breaks for him, but I have been met with blank stares. So mine and Lukes journey continues. Where is his furever home? When will they be found? I don't have these answers, the only thing I know for sure is that I will not let Luke be moved around from place to place anymore, I will not let Luke continue to be rejected. You are safe with me Luke, as long as you need me.

This is just one journey of homeless dogs and cats in our society. They deserve better. Each and every one deserves better. And it takes each one of us to do something to make a difference, that part can be large or small, but everyone can play a part. Will your heart break for them? Yes, it will. Just as mine breaks for Luke, and the many before him and those who will come after him. But we must play a part.


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I work in a shelter and see this all too often. You are amazing to take this on yourself and deal with the emotions and expenses 24/7. So many good people adopt dogs and understand it's a commitment and responsibility and both dog and human are rewarded. Some think of dogs as accessories to "own." Too bad for them. It's a sad situation, but Luke is better off. smilies/sad.gif
CTDepot , November 28, 2012
UNBELIEVABLE! That family only gave him 2 days to adapt-2 days?! What is wrong with humans? The furry dynamic would have eventually adjusted to their new brother if given time. The humans were just lazy and not deserving of a fine lad such as Luke. I feel very sorry for a baby to be born into this family because after 2 whole days of waking this family up crying, the baby will be put up for adoption!
a guest , September 27, 2012
This breaks my heart to read so I can't even imagine how much more it affects you to live it daily. Luke is lucky to have you watching out for him...
a guest , September 25, 2012

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