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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog

Ive only ever been a pet parent, and in that roll I would occasionally have trouble "relating" to the feelings and emotions affecting those parents of the 2 legged kind. This week, my baby Bella has not been feeling well at all, after having a bad reaction to her vaccines. The last couple of days she has had a swollen neck, muscle soreness & tightness, and a fever. As a typically very high energy and anxious dog its been especially difficult for me to watch her be in pain and generally feeling down, and myself being totally helpless to fix this for her (short of given her the meds described by the vet, and lots of hugs, of course). Ive said a thousand times in the last 3 days I would rather take her pain X 100 than to watch her be in pain. Now Im relating to that same statement that has been said at one time or another by virtually all parents of 2 legged children.

Our babies are our babies, despite how many legs they may have, we can love them equally. And anytime one of those, which we love unconditionally, is in pain we feel that pain for them - if not in a physical way most definitely in an emotional way.

Hope all your babies are healthy and happy, and if not my thoughts and prayers go out for you and them both!

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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