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Posted by: CudasMom in The Dog Blog Comment (0)

We have been holding a fundraiser on Indiegogo.com to cover Cuda's expenses related to going to the contest.  You may know that and you may have contributed and for that we thank you.  I felt weird creating this fundraiser because we are talking one dog, one event and I know there's so many others out there who are in need of your help.  However, people came through for us and then some and now we are in a position to give back since we've exceed our monetary goal!

We've also received quite a bit of feedback from people concerned about why I am entering her into an ugly dog contest.  What started out as a joke has become an act of symbolism.  Cuda stands for the following:
The realities and cruely of breeding, specifically inbreeding which is a common practice among all breeders- backyard and "professional"
Pet overpopulation and why you should spay and neuter your pet.  Just one litter is one too many.
Adoption versus shopping- speaks for itself and
Pit Bull tolerance.  Cuda is a pit bull which often surprises people because they expect an evil monster.  Just because she doesn't look like a regular pit does not mean she doesn't act like one.  She is kind and gentle, plays hard and barks.  Pit bulls do that!

So you see the reasons why I want Cuda to be the pit bull who wins the World's Ugliest Dog Contest June 24, 2011!


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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (1)

I can't get enough of taking pictures of my dogs, and I can't get enough of sharing pictures of my dogs.. and judging from the activity on this site in only one month time, there are many others just like me. Every dog lover thinks their dog is the best there is. Every dog lover thinks their dog should be famous. Am I right? Today I discovered an iPhone app that does just that, and absolutely fell in love with it. Cover Puppy, it is such a simple concept.. but sometimes the most simple are the most brilliant as well! This clever little app allows you to take a picture of your dog, or choose a picture from your camera roll, and put your dog on the cover of one of 6 special 'fur themed' magazine covers. You can customize your dogs magazine cover with their name, and then share the completed image with friends via facebook, twitter, or email.

With my Bella, being the princess that she is to me, I was quick to share her special magazine cover image with all of my friends and her friends on twitter and facebook. And of course many others loved the idea as much as I did. Like I said, simple yet brilliant!

Below are just a few that I did of bella, and then some friends dogs as well. Each is unique, fun, and simple to create.

With multiple images of your dog(s), and multiple covers to choose from, this $1.99 app is sure to provide hours of fun for every dog lover (and a portion of all proceeds go to the ASPCA!).  I would also venture to say that there will probably be even more cover options in future updates.

You can find more info at http://www.coverpuppy.com, and have fun making your dog a star, doesn't every dog deserve their 15 minutes of fame? :)

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti


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Posted by: CudasMom in The Dog Blog Comment (0)

Cuda is entered into the World's Ugliest Dog Contest taking place this June at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair in Petaluma, Ca.   Cuda came to us unexpectantly with with 4 dogs already at home.  We immediately noticed her differences and based on research attributed them to inbreeding.  While I can't 100% prove that, it speaks for itself...but more on that later...
Cuda was so unique and special to us and while watching TV one day I saw an announcement of the newest World's Ugliest Dog.  She had a curved spine and some other issues and I thought to myself, "hey, Cuda's got that beat  and more"  I realized that the dog loving world would share in her story and so we entered the contest.
Cuda to me represents the lessons of pet overpopulation in regards to spaying and neutering your pet, shelter and rescue dogs as she was a random puppy someone gave me, inbreeding, especially backyard breeding and pit bull awareness.
Many do not realize that she is a pit bull and based on the brief history the people who gave me told me, she came from a neighborhood notoriously known for backyard breeding.  Often pit bulls suffer the damages from this type of breeding.  They spend their days chained out to barrels and are only brought together for the purpose of making puppies.  The females are often attacked by other neighborhood dogs when they are in heat, chained out.  It is a serious problem across the country.  When people inbreed as a matter of "preserving a champion bloodline" or to create a specific color, the puppies that come out like Cuda are normally "culled" or exterminated and in the case of backyard breeders, drowned.  Backyard breeders cut the ears with scissors or knives with no anesthetic and then hand sew or worse, glue the wounds shut.  It is a disgusting and cruel thing.
I was taught by breeders that inbred dogs carry physical traits such as weak rear legs, a malformed jaw, curved spines, uneven ears or eyes, etc.  Luckily although Cuda looks the way she does, she is vet checked healthy and happy.

So that's why we are raising awareness for this and that's why we have a fundraiser in place.  We want the world to know the dirty secrets happening every day in the streets.

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