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Posted by: CudasMom in The Dog Blog Comment (0)

Cuda has the support of dog and animal lovers everywhere.  We could not get her to the World's Ugliest Dog Contest without your support.  We are so appreciative and excited that Delightfully Dog has invited us to join this forum.

We believe "Ugly is the new Cute" and hope you will agree.  There will be online voting available shortly so you can vote for Cuda to win that part of the contest!  If you live near Petaluma, California- we would love to see you at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, June 24th, 2011.

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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (1)

The 140 character bio of a recent twitter follower is my 'inspiration' for today's blog. It's amazing how much 140 characters can say sometimes.

'My love for all dogs led me to create a business celebrating pure bred dogs.' - Random Twitter Follower

So..  where do I even start? This is a classic underdog story, literally. It seems to me that sometimes our beloved mutts just don't get the credit they deserve.  Is it possible to love all dogs, but love certain dogs more? Are certain breeds better than others? Are purebreds better than mutts? All very good questions, and we each probably have slightly different answers to these questions. Sure all dog lovers have a 'soft spot' for certain types of dogs; big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones, long haired, short haired, purebred, or mutts.

Unfortunately though sometimes the mutts get overlooked, in favor of a purebred dog. Is a purebred better behaved? Prettier? Cuter? When someone brings a dog into their home they have to make the individual decision about what dog is best for their specific needs, and sometimes a purebred is the right decision. For example if someone suffers from severe allergies, they would need to choose a more hypoallergenic dog. But rescuing a mixed breed who has had a rough start at life and just wants to be loved can be the right decision for someone else.

My fur-brother is a purebred Maltese, Bain, I adore him.. he is a wonderfully sweet smart little dog that brought my dad so much happiness it cannot be put into words. My furbaby, Bella, is a who-knows-what rescue.. I adore her. She is a wonderfully sweet smart little dog that brought me so much happiness it cannot be put into words. Sounds familiar?

For me personally, I have always had rescued mutts. Am I going to be showing them at Westminster anytime soon? Not hardly, but it certainly doesn't change my love for them. Do I love any one type of dog more than another? No, I love them all. Mutts, purebreds, skinny, fat.. they are all special innocent creatures that deserve our love and companionship. So I choose to celebrate ALL dogs, purebred and mutt, as I would venture to say that not one is any better than another.  They are all constant dedicated companions who rely on us to be their voice. Today let's be the voice, for all dogs, as they all equally deserve our love regardless of where they came from.
And in the end.. doesn't all little puppy poopy smell the same?
Puppy cuddles to ALL your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (0)

Bella has always had some issues with separation anxiety,  we've been working with her on it and thought we were making some progress, but today it reared it's ugly head again. Sometimes I don't know who its harder on, her or me.

The hubby and I were going out for dinner, just a night out for the two of us.. Bella wasn't going to have any part of that plan though. We get in the car, Bella jumps the fence and runs full speed to the car and proceeds to start chasing us down the driveway. I stop the car, get out and take her back to the house put her inside and tell her 'No' in the strongest voice I could muster. Back in the car, backing down the driveway and here comes Bella over the fence again chasing after us. I look at B and tell him we are just going to take her with us and go somewhere else where she can be on the patio with us (in 40 degree weather). Okay, so looking back on it probably not my best plan!

Third time around and it's B's turn, he has always been able to be more stern with her than I can be. So of course he had success, put her on the couch to look out the window and told her she was staying home. We left with no dogs in chase and no whines or barks.

After dinner I go to pull the keys out of my purse and what do I find.. a milk bone.  You know you're a dog lover when you find milk bones in your purse, and you have no idea how they got there! No doubt it was a plant from Bella to remind me she was at home waiting on me. :) Although it was a sweet little reminder of my little furbaby at home, it was also a reminder of her unhappiness with being home. Although it's hard on me having to tell her no and having to leave her at home, it was apparent in that moment that it was definitely harder on her.

Must continue working on the separation anxiety issues.. for her own happiness.

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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