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I had an interesting experience recently when I attended the weekly meeting of the local Humane Society volunteer group. I went in rather excited to meet many other animal lovers and thought I would fit right in. I quickly came to realize that this groups love for animals was much different than mine. Not that I don't love animals, quite the opposite, but the way I put my love for animals into action in my daily life is much different.  I sat and listened intently to their stories of late night rescues, trips across states to give the animals a new lease on life, and monitoring life threatening injuries; I found myself in awe of their compassion and dedication. I have always admired those who do this kind of work, but admired it from afar rather than from right there in front of me.


I left with a feeling of inadequacy, like somehow my love for animals just didn't measure up to all the sacrifices they make for the animals. After quite a bit of rambling back and forth in my own head, and calling the smartest man I know, I came to a realization. Okay, maybe it took longer than that.. but none the less, finally got there!


It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. We are all unique and different and have different strengths and abilities, much like the animals we love and save. My strengths and abilities don't necessarily lend well to the kind of work they are doing, just like someone else's strengths and abilities may not lend themselves to the kind of work that I do. It doesn't make any of us better than another, just like it doesn't make any one dog better than another. Each animal is special, unique, and will be loved for exactly that.. and each person is special and unique.


So, with a new unique perspective, my heart and admiration goes out to all of you who make great sacrifices to save the animals we all love so very much. I appreciate everything you do to help the animals, and I know without that, people like myself wouldn't have the joy of adopting an animal to bring into our homes.


So I ask that we each consider donating to our local humane societies, rescues, and shelters. While we may not be able to do the work they do, we all can support the work they do.


Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti


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Any animal lover has seen some of the recent articles in the news regarding the sudden new found dangers of sleeping with their pets, or allowing their pets on the furniture. Stating risk of everything from worms to the bubonic plague, I have to wonder how much of this is just scare tactics and media frenzy. I seriously doubt that any animal lover who has always allowed their pets in the bed is suddenly going to change this behavior due to a few new scientific studies. My dogs have always been allowed in the bed, on the couch.. basically anywhere we are allowed they are allowed, within a certain amount of reason.


Am I suddenly going to banish them to a crate? My dogs, my best friends, my constant companions.. suddenly being banished to a crate based on some news articles. I think not. I for one consider my pets to be part of the family; now if my pets happened to be rats maybe possibly I could take this bubonic plague business seriously, however that isn't the case.


I have to wonder this; while all of this news is going on..  where is the news of all the many studies done showing how beneficial pets are to us? Both in terms of physical health and emotional health, and the bond that is created between us and our pets when we allow them in our beds. So bubonic plague, I'll take my chances, my girls will continue to sleep in the bed just as they always have. Besides even if I did suddenly have a break with reality and wanted to banish them to crates, I suspect that both they and their daddy would overrule me!


Cuddle your pets close tonight, I suspect most of us will take our chances!

Puppy cuddles to all your FURkids~ Mysti

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"The best way to get over a dog's death is to get another soon." -  Ronald Reagan

The loss of a pet, for those of us who have experienced it, it can be very hard to talk about. My little Chihuahua/Mutt, Spot, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 20, 2007, she was 18 years old. She had been my best friend for over 16 of those years, I literally grew up with her at my side. I thought I had prepared myself to lose her, but once I had lost her I quickly learned that there is nothing in the world that can prepare you for that.

I always knew that I would get another dog, what I didn't know was when. On that day in January I was inconsolable, my husband stayed by my side and even called my mother to come spend a few days with us. Lots of hugs, lots of backrubs, lots of tears. I ate dinner and immediately went to bed thinking there would never be another dog in the world like Spot.
The next morning, I awoke still convinced there would never be another dog in the world like Spot. But I knew that I needed to hold a dog, to remind myself that there were other dogs in the world. I asked my husband to take me to the local shelters so I could just see the dogs and maybe get some ideas of what kind of dog I might like later on, maybe in a few weeks when the pain of losing Spot had subsided some.

After multiple stops at shelters I wasn't connecting with any of the dogs, cuddled a few, but just didn't feel that connection. This started the waterworks again, and I asked my husband to just take me home and let me sit with my misery. Well he refused, so now I was crying and angry!  I look back on it since and know he had my best interest in mind of course. He insisted we make one more stop and I was too emotionally and physically drained to argue. We went into a local PetSmart and looked at their puppies for sale, they sure were cute, but still no connection. I turned to my husband, told him I'd had enough and promptly walked out of the store.  A few minutes later he followed after me and asked me to come and hold one more dog, a little puppy that looked suspiciously like a Rottweiler. I agreed and went back in the store, tears streaming down my face. He walked me down the aisle until we came to a stand where a rescue organization was holding adoptions. One of the workers saw my tears and had heard my story, and handed me this little 12 week old black and tan puppy named Bella. This little puppy gave me a little gentle kiss on the cheek and for the first time in 2 days I smiled.

So this brings me back to present, and my question - How soon is too soon? I never intended to bring home a new dog that day, I never dreamed I would have. But I felt that connection. I have at times asked myself if I was dishonoring Spots memory by adopting a new dog so soon, and I know the truth in my heart.. Spot would never have wanted me to be unhappy. When Spot went over the Rainbow Bridge, she was ready, she'd had a long wonderful life with me and was ready to move on. To this day I know her only hesitation would have been leaving me alone, she never would have wanted that, but she knew she had to as it was her time. Did Bella lessen my pain from Spots death? No, not really.. she was a great distraction though. Did Bella fill Spots paws for me? (Those were awful big paws she left behind, big chihuahua paws! :) No, she didn't.. she created new paws. Now just over 4 years later I adore Bella and am grateful for all the happiness she brought to me, but she has never replaced Spot, and she never will. She is her own dog, just as Spot was her own dog. And it was time, for me, for Spot, and for her.

How soon is too soon? No one knows. It's impossible to answer, because it is different for each and every person. We should each follow our heart and do what feels right to us.

Puppy cuddles to all your FURfriends ~ Mysti

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