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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (6)

Bell and I both survived her first summer cut! I was a nervous wreck all day, so glad its over. The new look is going to take some getting used to, but I still think she is absolutely adorable.. but Im biased like that! :)

Will definitely be the perfect cut for summer and lots of swimming!


Before & After

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Posted by: Mysti in The Dog Blog Comment (1)

Tomorrow 1:00PM  is the BIG day.. that day that most pet parents have a certain amount of anxiety about the first time. The summer hair cut! I've really taken my time working up to this, considering Bella is 4 now, yes quite a bit of time. It's certainly not that she has to have a summer cut, but with many swimming trips and other activities planned for summer I suspect she will be more comfortable with a bit less fur slowing her down. I however adore her long "scruffy" (as someone recently called it) look, and would be content to leave it this way for good.


But never the less I have become convinced its time, time to 'woman-up' and take her for her first ever summer cut. However no amount of convincing has stopped the feeling of butterflies that I get thinking about it - am I going to recognize her? Will it grow back out okay? Will she look silly? Will other dogs laugh and point their paw at her?


I can't remember even being quite so nervous about getting my own hair done! I imagine it makes for a good joke, you know you're a dog lover when you worry more about their hair cut than your own. So here's to hoping Bellas hair cut turns out great. *paws crossed*


I know I will love her to pieces regardless though! Below is the before picture.. after to be posted soon! :)

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12 Apr 2011

It’s a boy!!

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A long time client of mine just brought home an 8-week old bundle of joy named Valentino. Today was my first day taking care of this “baby” and I had a ball.  I forgot what it was like to have a toddler around…Lots of running, lots of no, no, no’s and  my fingers were in his mouth most of the time. When I first arrived, he was very happy to see me which always makes my day very special. He started gently pawing at his crate door  as if he had to show me how to help him escape.

I unlatched the lock  and that adorable, bundle of fur bounded out of his cage crashing into the door frame, partially from excitement but mostly because of his inability to control the weight of his rear end just yet. I started repeating  his first command of “come” and he trotted happily  out the back door to do his business. Wow! this is going to be a piece of cake I said to myself….(ha! little did I know)

After a quick pee, we went back inside to have a meal, which he patiently waited for me to prepare, then hungrily scarfed down in seconds! We retreated out back to romp in the sun and roll in the grass. He was quick to make a beeline for the hedge…the little rascal could easily slip through those bottom branches and after diving after him a couple of times I decided to try a leash. As I suspected he was NOT happy with the leash even though it was RED and matched his Heart-themed name!  I think Valentino thought HE should be walking me!

On my second visit of the day he was more mellow, perhaps his full belly and nap time helped slow him down. We came back inside after some outside playtime and I penned him in the kitchen so that I could take care of Mini Cooper (aka Wiggles), his roommate, in the hallway.  I climbed over the gate and started cleaning when all of a sudden I  heard a loud crash and I couldn’t imagine what it could be. I peered around the corner and I see that the butterball ran into Mini’s water spilling it all over the floor. Valentino looks at me…then at the plastic bowl..then back at me. As I start heading towards him he grabbed the bowl in his little sharp teeth and bolted for Spanky’s old bed near the back door. As I said earlier, his coordination is still in the early stages, but now besides that, his Size 12 paws were wet and the faster he tried to run away, the more he slipped and slid on the tile floor.  I am a huge fan of  physical comedy, and Valentino ranks right up there with the best of them… he could definitely give Steve Martin a run for his money.

Many of you know that I lost a very special client, Spanky, this past January. He was also an English Lab and sadly, was just six years old when he died. He was also my very first “Professional” Dog Walking client. He quickly became my favorite, winning my heart over with his gentle-giant ways.  I walked Spanky nearly every weekday for almost three years and there is still a large void that he left in my heart. I bring this up because Spanky was also the pet of Valentino’s new mom and dad. One of our visits outside today consisted of my telling Valentino all about his “brother from another mother”. He certainly has some pretty big shoes to fill, and considering those paws of his..he may be able to do just that.  I sat him down near the Hibiscus tree that I gave his mom and dad when Spanky died. They are gifted gardeners and Spanky always loved hanging out under the bigger hibiscus during the summer for a little shade time.

I am looking forward to assisting Valentino’s parents in caring for and teaching him as he grows. I am also grateful that they have allowed me to be a part of his life…because  I cannot get enough of those puppy breath kisses and fur ball squishes!

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