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Posted by: CudasMom in The Dog Blog

We have been holding a fundraiser on Indiegogo.com to cover Cuda's expenses related to going to the contest.  You may know that and you may have contributed and for that we thank you.  I felt weird creating this fundraiser because we are talking one dog, one event and I know there's so many others out there who are in need of your help.  However, people came through for us and then some and now we are in a position to give back since we've exceed our monetary goal!

We've also received quite a bit of feedback from people concerned about why I am entering her into an ugly dog contest.  What started out as a joke has become an act of symbolism.  Cuda stands for the following:
The realities and cruely of breeding, specifically inbreeding which is a common practice among all breeders- backyard and "professional"
Pet overpopulation and why you should spay and neuter your pet.  Just one litter is one too many.
Adoption versus shopping- speaks for itself and
Pit Bull tolerance.  Cuda is a pit bull which often surprises people because they expect an evil monster.  Just because she doesn't look like a regular pit does not mean she doesn't act like one.  She is kind and gentle, plays hard and barks.  Pit bulls do that!

So you see the reasons why I want Cuda to be the pit bull who wins the World's Ugliest Dog Contest June 24, 2011!


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